Your Money, Your Candidate

I'm Andrew Sosnoski and I am campaigning to be your State Representative for Michigan's 41st District. My vision is for increased opportunity of citizen participation in government through transparency while simultaneously reducing the size and scope of government.

I'm tired of seeing how much control and influence special interests have in our politics and tired of paying for partisan bickering in Lansing. It's time Michigan starts to elect leaders that are not seeking their next paycheck or are focused on fundraising for their next campaign.

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I'm tired of paying taxes for career politicians to collect pay checks and lavish benefits that are nowhere close to representative of the value being added so I created the Not On MI Dime Organization to help bring about real change.

Taking money out of politics is a great first step in supporting the fiduciary responisbility of the Legislature and that is one of the reasons I created the Not On MI Dime Pledge to bring about an 80% pay reduction to our Legislators. I am proud to be the FIRST candidate to take the Not On MI Dime Pledge to support a part time/partial pay Legislature. Nearly every other State in our Country has a part time Legislature and operates their State governments with limited to no disruption to the will of their people.

It's my goal to remove the category of "Politician" from occupation listings in Lansing and replace it with Citizen Legislator.

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  • The Committee To Elect Andrew J. Sosnoski Website